When you lose your teeth, it is important to have them replaced. At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we offer numerous replacement options. There are bridges, partial dentures, full dentures, and the latest option – dental implants. Despite requiring a surgical procedure, dental implants have a multitude of benefits. We have several types of dental implants to meet a variety of needs, including All-on-4®.


Dental implants are a method of tooth replacement. In fact, they are the most recent method for replacing missing teeth. They involve the use of a small, titanium rod that is surgically implanted into your jawbone. This implant relies on a process known as osseointegration (the fusion of your jawbone to the implant) for stability. Once healed, the implants support your replacement teeth, providing you with a permanent solution to tooth loss.

For osseointegration to be successful, you first must have sufficient bone mass in your jaw. However, tooth loss quickly leads to bone resorption or the weakening of your jaw. In general, an entire arch of missing teeth is made to be supported by 6 to 8 dental implants. However, without sufficient bone mass, the implants may fail. A single implant failure compromises the integrity of the entire structure. A bone graft can be performed before dental implants if you lack the necessary bone mass, but this is a whole other surgical procedure that requires a significant amount of time to heal.


The All-on-4® treatment concept helps to avoid the need for a bone graft, while still allowing those tooth loss patients typically consider ineligible for dental implants to experience the benefits. Instead of the 6 to 8 implants normally placed, the All-on-4® treatment concept relies on only four implants. However, how is this possible with fewer implants? It is not the number of implants that matter so much as their placement.


The procedure for All-on-4® implants is similar to any other implant procedure. After a local anesthetic (and sedation, if necessary), we make incisions in your gum tissue, exposing the jawbone. We then drill into your jaw, creating space for the implants. Two implants are placed toward the front of your jaw, where there is more bone mass naturally. The other two implants are placed toward the back of your mouth, one on each side, and inserted at a 45-degree angle. This provides maximum contact between the implant and your jawbone. Once the implants are placed, your gums are stitched closed around them, leaving a small amount exposed. Temporary teeth are given, and you are sent home to heal.

Healing can take several weeks to a few months. As you heal, we will monitor your progress with periodic visits. Once the implants have successfully fused with your jawbone, we take impressions to design and create your permanent teeth, which are screwed in place once they are complete. When the process is over, you are left with beautiful, permanent teeth that look completely natural.


There are several benefits to All-on-4® implants:

  • There is less surgery involved.
  • Your recovery period is shorter.
  • There is no need for a bone graft.
  • You are supplied with all of the benefits that dental implants have to offer.

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With All-on-4®, more tooth loss patients can enjoy the benefits of dental implants. Call National Dental Oakland Gardens today at (718) 407-0574 to schedule your consultation, and find out if they are right for you.