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implant supported dentures

Are You Partial? Replace Partial Dentures With Implant Supported Dentures

If you are looking for one of the best options for replacing missing teeth and keeping your mouth healthy, consider the benefits of implant supported dentures. Patients with partial dentures often opt to make the switch for additional stability and durability and aesthetic value over the years.

Easy, Quick Placement

A typical implant can take some time to place. It takes the body time to heal and adjust to the new mechanisms in the mouth, but placing implant supported dentures is considerably easier. They require minimal implants, which means it’s easier to enjoy secure teeth in as few as two dental appointments.

A Secure Fit

If you’ve had dentures for any period, you know that they can shift and move at the worst times, creating embarrassing situations for you in public. Implants can solve that problem by completely eliminating slippage or shape alteration. Dentures secured by implants always stay in place and eradicate the fear of embarrassing social situations.

Enhanced Chewing

With dentures, you may be limited in the foods you can eat, especially in public. You may also have to re-learn how to chew food when you first start wearing your dentures because they feel so different and they can slip unless both sides of the mouth are chewing at the same time. Because implant supported dentures are more secure, you can eat what you want, when you want it.

Natural Teeth Resemblance

When implants are used to support dentures, a precise measuring is taken of the mouth, the gums and the remaining teeth. This determines the optimal size and shape for each tooth. Once the full teeth are placed in the mouth, it’s almost impossible to tell that your teeth are fake. Dentures may look out of place in your mouth because of the contrast to the remaining teeth and the size, but implants solve that problem.

Get More Information

If you are interested in switching from dentures to implant supported dentures, call National Dental today. We will schedule an appointment for you as quickly as possible.

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