Dental Implants

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Missing teeth are a big deal and need to be replaced. In the past, your options were very limited. Today, however, along with traditional bridges and dentures, there are dental implants. At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we provide dental implants, and you can even leave your procedure with your new permanent teeth on the same day as your procedure.


In the past, your tooth replacement options were very limited. You had bridges (which replaces 1 to 3 missing teeth), a partial denture (which replace sections of missing teeth), and full dentures. Dental implants are the latest addition to your tooth loss options. The implant is a small titanium rod that is surgically inserted into your jawbone and is designed to be a permanent solution to tooth loss. As you heal from the procedure, your jawbone regrows around the implant, fusing with it. This process is called osseointegration. With successful osseointegration, the implant becomes almost like a stable “root” that supports your replacement tooth (or teeth). An abutment, or connector, is placed on the top portion of the implant. Your replacement tooth, or teeth, are screwed into place at the top of the implant. Your new teeth are made out of ceramic, which can be stained and finished to match the color of natural teeth. Ceramic also mimics the light reflecting properties of enamel, giving you a smile that looks completely natural.


Dental implants are extremely customizable. They can be used to replace a single missing tooth or even an entire mouth of missing teeth. To meet your specific needs, we have several different types of dental implants:

  • Single tooth implants. Even just one missing tooth can have a serious impact on your oral health, and your appearance. A single tooth implant uses one titanium rod to support a single crown.
  • Multiple tooth implants. Also called an implant supported bridge, a multiple tooth implant replaces several missing teeth in a single area. The number of implants needed to support an implant supported bridge varies from patient to patient based on your individual needs.
  • Implant supported denture. An implant supported denture replaces a traditional full denture, restoring a full arch of teeth. A denture can typically be supported on six to eight implants.
  • All-on-4 Treatment Concept. In the past, when you lacked the necessary bone mass to support implants. A bone graft could be used to avoid the need for traditional dentures (or other traditional replacements), but this is an invasive procedure. With the All-on-4 treatment concept, your implant supported denture is supported by four strategically placed implants – two at the front of your jaw (placed vertically) and two at the back of your jaw, placed at a 45-degree angle.


Implants involve a surgical procedure. After a local anesthetic, incisions are made in the gum tissue, exposing the jawbone. Next, we drill into the bone and place the implants. Your gums then stitched closed around the implants, leaving a small amount of the titanium rod exposed.

Typically, at this point, you would be provided with temporary teeth and sent home to heal. Healing can take anywhere from just a few weeks to several months, depending on how many implants are placed. During this time, we monitor your progression, ensuring that your jawbone is fusing properly and that there are no complications (such as infections). Once you have healed, impressions of your mouth are taken, which are then used to design and fabricate your permanent restorations. This process usually takes two weeks. When they are ready, they are screwed in place.


With same day implants, you leave your implant surgery with your permanent replacement teeth. With the help of our dental technology, your new teeth are ready and waiting for you when you walk in the office. Instead of having your teeth fabricated from impressions taken after you heal, they are made from impressions taken before your surgery.

How is this done, exactly? We use our ICAT technology, which takes several images of your mouth as the cone-shaped X-ray beam rotates around your head. These images are then pieced together to create a single 3-dimensional picture of your mouth, showing your existing teeth, jawbone, soft tissues, and even your nerves. This image provides us with exact 1:1 measurements of your mouth. It also helps us to plan the best possible placement for your titanium implants.

CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology is then used to design and fabricate your replacement teeth. The special software gives us the ability to design customized teeth to the exact specifications of your mouth. After they have been designed, the information is then sent to a milling machine, where your teeth are fabricated. They will then be waiting for you when you come in for implant surgery. As soon as the surgery is complete, the abutments are placed on the implants, and your teeth are screwed into place.


There are several benefits to same day implants. Quite possibly the biggest benefit is that you leave your appointment with a set of fully functioning replacement teeth. The need for temporary dentures and only partial restoration of the functions of your mouth are eliminated. Moreover, while you still come back occasionally to check the progress of your healing, there are fewer visits overall.

The other benefits of same day implants include:

  • The functions of your mouth are restored. You can bite and chew your food easily once again, which improves digestion (and overall nutrition). Your speech is improved. Your smile is restored.
  • Implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Your teeth, which are screwed into place, are not removed unless they require maintenance. They are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Implants are easy to care for. They should be brushed and flossed every day, just like your natural teeth.
  • Implants, which sits in your jawbone, imitate the functions of a natural tooth root. Not only do they support your new teeth, but they also stimulate the bone. This tells your body to continue sending the nutrients required to keep your jawbone strong, preventing the bone loss typically associated with tooth loss.

Learn more about dental implants:

With dental implants, you are provided with a permanent, natural solution to tooth loss. Moreover, with same day implants, you can leave with your new teeth the same day as your implant procedure. To find out if same day implants are right for you, call National Dental Oakland Gardens today at (718) 407-0574.