Just like you, your child needs regular dental care. However, children have special needs. Your child’s mouth grows and changes constantly, and continues to do so well into their late teens. At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we offer dental services for kids, helping them to develop good oral hygiene habits now so that they will have a healthy mouth that will take them well into adulthood.


Much like an adult, your child needs routine dental cleanings. Moreover, just like anyone else, these cleanings should be done at least twice a year. Cleanings for children are especially important because they are still perfecting their brushing and flossing techniques. Your child is much more likely to miss certain areas of their mouth. This makes them much more prone to developing cavities. A professional cleaning removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria buildup from your child’s teeth, reducing their risk of developing cavities and helping to keep their mouth clean and healthy.


Along with twice-yearly cleanings, your child should also have twice yearly exams. During these exams, your child’s teeth are checked for signs of cavities, as well as any other damage. We will look at their gums, along with all of the other tissues within their mouth. We will also check their jaw for proper alignment. Once we have inspected your child’s mouth, we will sit down with them and discuss the brushing habits and techniques they can use to improve their at-home regimen.


Your child’s mouth grows and constantly changes throughout their early life. In fact, it continues to develop well into their late teen years. At National Dental, we use digital X-rays to monitor the health and development of your child’s mouth, ensuring that there are no issues. Any issues we do find can be addressed early on before they become serious. X-rays are also used to check for cavities between your child’s teeth, allowing us to take action before they grow larger and present a bigger problem.


Fluoride is a natural element that is found in teeth. It is lost naturally, but it can also be regained. Teeth can regain fluoride through fluoridated oral care products, treated water, and some foods. For some children, they do not get enough fluoride. At National Dental, we can provide fluoride treatments. This treatment is quick and painless. It involves the use of a special gel that is applied directly to your child’s teeth. The fluoride is absorbed through the enamel and helps your child’s teeth fight off acid attacks by oral bacteria, preventing cavities.


The chewing surfaces of your child’s molars have grooves and depressions. It is easy for food and bacteria to become stuck in these spaces, which can quickly lead to cavities. Sealants provide a way to prevent this from happening. The material is painted over the grooves and depressions of your child’s molars and dried. It creates a surface that prevents anything from getting stuck, and that is easier to keep clean, aiding in the fight against cavities.


Your child should be seen for an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. An evaluation at this early age allows us to determine whether or not your child will have any orthodontic issues later in life. Some issues can present themselves as early as 2 to 3 years of age. By determining issues early, we can take action early, avoiding the need for serious treatment later. In some cases, we can prevent the need for later treatment altogether.

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