Digital Radiology

Oral exams are an important part of monitoring the health of your mouth, as well as diagnosing a multitude of oral health issues. However, there is much more to your oral health than what can be seen with a visual inspection. There are several other structures that are hidden from view but are just as important. At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we help to provide you with the best possible oral care with digital radiology.


For years, X-ray technology has relied on radiation to capture images of the structures inside your mouth that are hidden away from view – the spaces between your teeth, the roots of your teeth, and the health of your jawbone. Technological improvements have seen the rise of digital X-rays. With digital X-rays, images are captured using electronics instead of radiation. A sensor, which is hooked up to a computer, is placed inside your mouth. From the computer, we can click a button and capture the images. Shortly after we do this, the images appear right on our computer monitor.


The exposure to radiation has kept many dental patients from getting the X-rays needed to monitor the health of their mouths, and diagnose serious dental issues. Digital X-rays do not rely on radiation. Instead, they use electronics. With digital X-rays, your exposure to radiation is reduced up to 95%.


Images captured by traditional X-ray technology needed to be developed. To do this, chemicals are used. These chemicals are not very environmentally friendly. The images captured with digital X-ray technology don’t need to be developed, appearing directly on the computer monitor. This eliminates the need for harmful chemicals altogether.


Digital X-ray images are much higher-quality than images captured with traditional X-ray technology. What’s more, the images can be manipulated to show even the smallest details. We can target certain areas and zoom in, enhancing them as we do. We can also change the image from black and white to color, to negative display. With the tiniest details displayed, we can make a much better diagnosis and provide you with an effective treatment plan.


After images are taken with traditional X-ray machines, they need to be developed. This would require us to leave the room. Developing images could take a long time, leaving you alone in your exam room. Valuable appointment time was being wasted. Digital X-ray technology allows us to make the most out of your appointment. The images display almost immediately on the computer monitor, and we never even have to leave the room. We can spend your appointment going over your X-rays with you, helping you to understand your diagnosis and your treatment options.


In the past, all of your information, including X-rays, were stored in paper files. We would have to dig through these folders, trying to find older images. Images could get lost or damaged. Today, all of your information is kept in a digital folder. Your digital X-rays can be stored in this folder as well. When we need to access them, it can be done quickly, and there is no worry about the images getting lost or ruined.

With digital radiology, we can provide more accurate diagnoses and better treatment plans, helping to keep your mouth happy and healthy. For more information, contact National Dental Oakland Gardens today at (718) 407-0574.