General Dentistry

Brushing and flossing is essential for long-term oral health. However, the routines you practice at home can only do so much. That is why dental visits are so important. From preventative care to restorative treatments, our team at National Dental Oakland Gardens offers a number of procedures in general dentistry. Routine visits will keep harmful oral bacteria at bay and allow your doctor to check for any signs of problems. Find out how our team can help you achieve and maintain the smile you’ve always wanted.

Dental Examinations

Generally, we recommend that patients see us for routine visits approximately every six months. This may vary depending on the individual’s specific needs. For example, those who are prone to decay or gum disease may benefit from more frequent visits. Our doctors can help you determine a schedule to best suit your situation. >> Learn more about professional dental exams

Dental Cleanings

Typically performed during the same visit as your dental examination, a dental cleaning is absolutely imperative for healthy teeth and gums. Also called a dental prophylaxis, a dental cleaning involves removing plaque deposits, tartar, food particles, and debris from the teeth. Even with impeccable oral hygiene, there are certain areas that cannot be reached with brushing and flossing alone. Therefore, your hygienist will use a variety of hand scalers and ultrasonic instruments to remove these irritants and eliminate sources of bacteria. >> Learn more about professional dental cleanings

Digital Radiology

From time to time, dental x-rays are necessary to determine the health of the teeth roots, jawbone, and other underlying structures. The frequency of radiographs will depend on the unique needs of each patient. Generally, dental x-rays are recommended once or twice a year. However, if there is a particular issue that requires monitoring, you may require more. At National Dental, we use digital radiographs, which emit far less radiation compared to conventional x-ray units. >> Learn more about digital X-ray

Periodontal Therapy

Just as bacteria can cause cavities, it can also lead to gingivitis. This inflammation of the gums is the body’s reaction to the irritants that have accumulated around the teeth. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress into periodontitis, a serious condition that can erode the bone that supports the teeth. We offer periodontal treatments to combat gum disease, so our patients can enjoy optimal oral health. >> Learn more about periodontal care

Oral Cancer Screenings

Cancer is a scary word in any form. When it comes to oral health, early detection is key. This is especially true for cases of oral cancer. While this condition is not necessarily difficult to treat, it is all too often diagnosed too late. In fact, The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that only 57 percent of patients diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer will still be alive in five years. Fatalities from oral cancer are primarily due to late detection. That is why our doctors perform an oral cancer screening at every routine dental visit. >> Learn more about oral cancer screenings

Children’s Dentistry

At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we care for patients of all ages, including children. We believe that education can be fun, and we strive to foster an informational and comfortable environment for your little ones. In addition to preventative care, we can also help your child develop his or her own hygiene habits at home. >> Learn more about dentistry for kids

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