Oral exams are a critical part of helping you to maintain good oral health. They are also crucial for diagnosing certain oral health conditions. In the past, a small, handheld mirror has been used to get a better look at different areas of your mouth that are not easily accessible. However, even with these manual mirrors, views are limited. Technology has improved upon this mirror, which has led to the development of the intraoral camera. At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we are proud to announce that we use this revolutionary new tool.


For many years, the small metal mirror that you have grown accustomed to seeing on our tray of tools has been used to gain views of different areas of your mouth that are otherwise difficult to view. However, even with this mirror, we are limited in what we can see. The intraoral camera is a technological improvement of the handheld mirror. The wand, which has a small camera on the end of it, is approximately the size of a large pen. It is attached to a computer. The camera captures real-time images, which are then displayed on the computer monitor. With this enlarged view, we are provided a much better view of your teeth and the tissues inside your mouth. It is designed to help us spot even the smallest issues, improving the quality of your oral care.


Along with real-time images, the camera can also take still images. We can then give your mouth a break while we examine certain areas of your mouth. With specialized software, we can further zoom in and enhance these images, so that even the smallest issues will be visible, issues we may never have been able to see with the traditional mirror. We can also change the color of the images from black and white, to color, and even to negative display.


For years, all of your information was stored in physical folders. This information also included any images, such as X-rays. Over time, the folders could grow quite large, making it difficult to find what we needed. Information could get lost or damaged. Now, your information is stored in an easily accessible digital folder. We can even store any still images we take with the intraoral camera in this folder as well. With a few simple clicks, we can access older images and compare them side by side with your newest ones, allowing us to monitor changes in your mouth.


With images being displayed right on the computer monitor, you are provided with the ability to see everything that we see. This way, you can understand the severity of a specific issue. You will be better able to understand why we are recommending specific treatments. Moreover, you will be able to have any questions answered while you are right there in the office.


Many patients have fears and anxieties about going to the dentist. For some, anxiety is brought on when you feel like you don’t have any control. You are simply sitting in the chair listening to the sounds of the tools on your teeth. Since the intraoral camera allows you to see everything that is going on, your anxieties can be put at ease.

The intraoral camera gives us a much more up close and personal view of the structures inside your mouth, allowing us to spot even the smallest issues before they become serious. For more information, contact National Dental Oakland Gardens today at (718) 407-0574.