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How Can I Make Dental Implants Affordable?

Like buying a car, there are many people who can pay for dental implants up front. And, there are even more people who simply can’t. But like buying a car, you have plenty of financing options to help you fit dental implants into your monthly budget. Take a look at some of the common ways you can pay for dental implants over time, because, like getting a new car, dental implants are worth it and they can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Dental Insurance
In many cases, employer-subsidized insurance will cover dental implant costs. It’s one of the most common routes for making higher-end dental procedures affordable for the masses. If you’re retired or on a fixed income, consider third-party dental insurance plans or a government-sponsored plan such as Medicaid or Medicare.

In-Office Financing
Your dentist’s office may be able to make the cost of dental implants more manageable by offering short-term, low or no interest financing options. These options may be offered in tiers such as “budget” and “elite,” and they may also include an annual fee to help stabilize the program.

Equity Lines
Even when there isn’t liquid cash on hand or a credit line with a large enough limit for dental implants, there are still plenty of ways to bring down the price of your treatment. Opening an equity line of credit based on your home’s value can give you a flexible source of credit that’ll easily cover the cost of your dental implants. You’ll also enjoy some of the lowest interest rates around.

When no singular option looks to be enough, consider combining some of them to help bring down your costs. For example, you could use in-house financing to cover what your dental insurance won’t.
Also keep in mind: It will take months to get from consultation to implant placement and you won’t be billed for everything all at once. Talking about financing with your dentist during a consultation can help you prepare and get your finances in order long before you’re finally ready to have your replacement teeth placed.

Managing Dental Implant Cost in Long Island, NY
Schedule an appointment with a dentist at National Dental in Long Island City, NY and Oakland Gardens-Douglaston, NY to find out more about how you can fit dental implants into your budget.

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