IV oral sedation at National Dental Oakland Gardens

Taking proper care of your mouth is important. However, brushing and flossing alone can only do so much. Routine dental cleanings and exams are crucial for preventing serious issues. Exams and treatment are also important if you are experiencing problems. However, if the thought of going to the dentist fills you with fear or anxiety, you most likely avoid going, which can lead to serious issues with your oral health. At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we can help you to relax at our office with dental sedation.


Paralyzing fear and anxiety over visiting the dentist is a very real problem. For some people, even the thought of going in for a routine cleaning and exam can cause panic. You might think it’s no big deal to avoid routine visits, but the truth is, these visits are essential for preventing serious oral health issues. Routine exams are a great opportunity for us to spot minor issues. When they go unnoticed, they often develop into something much bigger. Moreover, when they do, they require much more invasive treatments. Sedation dentistry allows you to relax in the dentist’s chair so that you can get the work done that you need, whether it’s a cleaning, a filling or something else. Sedation may also be used if:

  • Your gag reflex is bad.
  • You have a low pain threshold.
  • Your teeth are exceptionally sensitive.
  • You find it difficult to sit still for any length of time.
  • You need to have much work done, or your procedure is going to take a long time.


Oral sedation is a type of moderate, conscious, sedation that involves the use of medication you take by mouth. Common oral sedatives include lorazepam and diazepam. The medication is designed to make you drowsy, but keep you awake, allowing you to relax and stay comfortable. Even though you are awake, it is common for many patients to not remember parts, or any, of their procedure.

If you are using oral sedation, we will provide you with a prescription medication that you are to take an hour before your scheduled procedure. It is important that you have someone drive you to your appointment. Typically, the medication takes 30 minutes to take effect, but it can vary from person to person. You will also need someone to take you home as well, as the effects of the medication can linger for several hours.


Sedation has several benefits:

  • It is completely safe, and MD supervised.
  • You can relax enough to have your dental procedures done.
  • With proper oral care, you will see an improvement in your oral health.

If fear and anxiety keep you from getting the dental care that you need, sedation can help you to relax and remain calm. Contact National Dental Oakland Gardens at (718) 407-0574 to learn more.