Oral Surgery

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IV Sedation

Paralyzing fear and anxiety over visiting the dentist is a very real problem. For some people, even the thought of going in for a routine cleaning and exam can cause panic. You might think it’s no big deal to avoid routine visits, but the truth is, these visits are essential for preventing serious oral health issues. Routine exams are a great opportunity for us to spot minor issues. >> Learn more about IV Sedation

Wisdom Teeth

Some people experience no issues with their wisdom teeth, and they emerge just like any other tooth. However, for many others, the wisdom teeth are a significant source of pain and oral health issues. The biggest issue experienced with wisdom teeth is that they become impacted. These teeth are the most common ones to experience this issue. An impacted tooth is one that simply cannot erupt properly through the gum tissue. >> Learn more about wisdom teeth

Laser Dentistry

For years, oral surgery has been performed with the use of a scalpel, a manual metal tool. It is an extremely effective tool and has its place, but it also has many disadvantages. It causes a significant amount of bleeding during oral surgical procedures. It causes significant tissue trauma as well, which leads to post-surgical pain and swelling. >>Learn more about laser dentistry