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Raising the Bar: Teeth Tomorrow™ As Your Immediate Dental Implant Solution

As technology advances, so does the process of placing dental implants. Over the last few decades, researchers have worked extensively to not only simplify the process, but also to make it available to more patients. At National Dental in Oakland Gardens Queens, NY, we are proud to offer our patients the Teeth Tomorrow treatment, which allows them to enjoy a full, strong smile within one day.

How It Works

At National Dental we use a full arch bridge, which is simply a full set of teeth customized into one piece that is placed over implants. Implants are small screws that are placed in the jawbone and over time, the bones and gums connect with them as if they are the root of the natural tooth. This creates a strong anchor for the hybrid dentures to sit. You get the fixed solution without months of treatment.

Traditionally, the dental implant procedure can take up to six months and at least three appointments with the dentist. The first is to remove the tooth, graft the bone and place the implant, the second is to place the abutment and the third is to place the final restorative device.

With our procedure, everything is done quickly. Rather than getting temporary teeth, you get your final implants the within days of your first surgery. Your hybrid denture is delivered and attached shortly after the implants are placed. Each set of teeth is custom designed for the patient so they fit and match perfectly.

Traditional arch implants use four implants to secure the tooth. We use six to ensure that your teeth are as stable and strong as possible. In just two visits, you have a long-term solution to a problem that has plagued you for years.

Learn More

To learn more about our procedure and determine if you are a good candidate, contact us today. We will schedule you an appointment with one of our dental implant specialists to get you on the path to a healthier, stronger smile.

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