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There are many reasons that predicate the loss of a tooth. No matter what causes it, the results are often the same. Your appearance is affected. Eating becomes increasingly difficult the more teeth you lose. Because eating is impacted, your digestion and overall nutrition are affected. Speaking becomes a challenge, and others have a hard time understanding you. Your jawbone begins to weaken, changing shape. As it does, your facial features change, making you appear older. Dentures have long been the solution to tooth loss, but it can take weeks for them to be ready. At National Dental Oakland Gardens, we can provide Same Day Dentures.


Dentures have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth. However, the dentures of today are nearly unrecognizable in fit, feel, and function than those of the past. They are less bulky, more comfortable and much more natural looking. Dentures consist of false teeth set into a hard, acrylic base that can be made to closely match the color of your gums. They can be used to replace all of your teeth (full, or complete, dentures) or sections of missing teeth (partial dentures). Dentures are removable and are supported by your gums. Partial dentures have the added support of metal clasps that hook onto your natural teeth.


Typically, the process of getting your dentures is lengthy. It can take up to several weeks. This is because the molds taken to make your dentures are taken after your teeth are extracted. However, the process for same day dentures is a little different and eliminates the waiting period for your final dentures.

Same Day Dentures are possible thanks to today’s technology. Rather than taking molds of your mouth after your extractions, we take digital, 3-dimensional, impression before your extraction procedure. With the help of specialized software, and exact 1:1 measurements, we can perfectly design your new dentures that will fit comfortably in your mouth. Moreover, the best part is that they are ready and waiting for you on the day of your extractions.

In the beginning, Same Day Dentures are lined with tissue conditioners, which provide cushioning between your sore gum tissue and the hard, acrylic base. As you heal, the liners are periodically changed or relined. After you have fully healed, the tissue conditioners are removed completely, and you are left with regular dentures.


There are several benefits to Same Day Dentures:

  • You leave the office with your final dentures.
  • You no longer have to worry about temporary dentures.
  • Your abilities to eat and speak are restored almost immediately.
  • Bone resorption is slowed.
  • Your dentures act as a bandage for your extraction sites, sealing out bacteria and helping them to heal.


Same Day dentures have similar drawbacks to regular dentures. They require extra maintenance every night, needing to be removed and cleaned. They also cannot stop the bone resorption that accompanies tooth loss. This means that you will need to be refitted for new dentures approximately every seven years.

Thanks to Same Day Dentures, the wait for your dentures is over. Contact National Dental Oakland Gardens at (718) 407-0574 to find out if they are right for you.