X-ray view of denture with implant , 3D illustration.

What Dental Implants Do to Help You Appear Younger

Apart from helping you regain that beautiful smile, dental implants will actually make you look younger. If you are missing some teeth, you don’t smile as often.

While there’s a study that says smiling can physiologically make you older due to the wrinkles created around the eyes, we always equate a beautiful smile with vitality, youth and good health. Thus, we perceive others who are always smiling as younger than they actually are.


Missing teeth will result to sunken cheeks, which can make you look years older than your actual age. While you can’t necessarily see it, when you have gaps in between your teeth as a result of extraction, your jawbone will begin to shrink.

As a result, your cheeks will sag, and creases will form on your face. Dentures may fill in the gaps in your teeth, but they don’t actually address your shrinking jawbone. The only way to arrest the movement is through dental implants.

Apart from making you look younger, a good set of dental implants will also address underbite or overbite issues, chewing problems and even improving the way you talk. About 10 percent of Americans either wear dentures or have dental implants. While the former is much cheaper at the outset, the latter procedure is much more permanent.

With dentures, you will have to replace them every so often as your jawbone continues to shrink. Besides, bridgework is less stable considering that you need the surrounding teeth to support it. Depending on material, dentures are easily chipped and prone to breakage.

While there’s no industry data to support it, a conservative estimate would be taking off 10 years from your age when you wear dental implants as opposed to dentures or nothing at all.

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