What Happens When Dentures Dry Out?

When you get new dentures, your prosthodontist will tell you what you need to do to properly care for your dentures. This means when to wear them and when to take them out, and when you need to clean them.

Part of the process is soaking your dentures at the end of each day. This is to keep the dentures clean, and keep the dentures from drying out. If you end up with dried up dentures, that is going to be a significant problem.


The first problem with dentures that get dry is that they often become painful. Dentures are full of microscopic holes, and those holes need to remain moist.

Since denture bases are made of acrylic, they need to remain moist to stay pliable. This lets them remain more comfortable in your mouth, and keeps you from struggling with denture pain.

The second problem with dry dentures is that they become much more brittle. This means that instead of falling and likely surviving the fall, such as into the sink, they will instead shatter.

If you wind up shattering your dentures, you will need to go through the entire process all over again and pay for new dentures. By simply soaking them each night, you can avoid these issues almost entirely.

A bonus to soaking your dentures each night, you also keep them cleaner. People who wear dentures are more at risk of oral thrush, and this can come as a result of microbes left in the dentures. By soaking them in a cleaning solution each night, those microbes get killed.

You never want to struggle with dry dentures. Follow the guidelines given to you by your prosthodontist when you get your dentures, and allow your mouth to remain comfortable and functional with the dentures you have for a long while.

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