Dental Implants - Oakland Gardens, NY

What to Expect with Dental Implant Surgery

Our Custom Implant Process

At National Dental’s Oakland Garden office, we feature a team of doctors who are able to handle all your dental implant needs. If you need to replace failing or missing teeth, our practice is full-service, able to handle single, multiple and even complete mouth restoration with dental implants. Our doctors are dedicated to your results and always strive for complete satisfaction and a natural, functional result. We can perform every stage of the process for dental implants in Oakland Garden, NY, within our state-of-the-art office. Many patients wonder what to expect with dental implant surgery, so we have created a detailed guide on the overall process.

PHASE 1: A Complimentary Consultation

The decision to restore your failing or missing teeth with dental implants is an important one, so to help you take the first steps to receiving proper care, we offer a complimentary dental implant consultation. During this consultation we will discuss your smile goals, needs, wants, and perform a preliminary examination of your oral structures. This is your chance to ask us any of the dental implant questions you have and get a possible estimation on the overall dental implant cost.

PHASE 2: In-Depth Examination and Planning

Once you decide to move forward with dental implants, we will perform an in-depth examination of your mouth, jaw and teeth. Typically, we begin with a 3D cone beam CT scan to capture detailed images of your oral structure. Using these images, we can plan your treatment and evaluate if we need to perform preliminary treatments like bone grafting or gum disease therapy before placing dental implants. Once your jaw is prepared, we will create a computer-generated dental implant guide, which directs our doctors to the precise angle, depth and position for the placement of implants. This eliminates any guesswork during the surgery and ensures a more seamless end result. We will also discuss the final tooth color, shape and size so you are ready for a complete smile as soon as possible.

PHASE 3: Placing Dental Implants

When placing your dental implants into your jaw, ensuring your safety and comfort is always a priority for us. We have doctors certified in administering IV sedation for the ultimate in relaxation and pain-free dentistry. We always utilize our dental implant guide when performing the surgery. In some cases, we can even extract failing or broken teeth and replace them with a dental implant at the same time. Once the implants are placed within your jaw, they will need some time to heal and fuse to the jaw bone.

PHASE 4: Restoring the Implants

Once your implants have been placed and healed, our in-house dental lab will fabricate unique crowns to cap the implants. These crowns match your smile seamlessly, giving you a natural look and provide complete functionality too. Your new teeth will allow you to chew and bite without problem and the crowns are resistant to staining and tooth decay.

PHASE 5: Healing

Contrary to what many people think, the healing process for dental implants is fairly simple. Immediately after surgery, you may be sore and swollen but that should subside in a few days. For the first few weeks, eating soft foods is recommended and avoiding cold or hot beverages will avoid irritation of the surgery site. You will likely be prescribed pain medication after the surgery to help with discomfort, although many patients are not uncomfortable for long. You should rinse your mouth with water and salt for a few days and then can resume brushing a few days afterward. Most patients feel back to their selves after just a few days and should schedule follow up appoints a few weeks after dental implant surgery.

Easy, Right?

If you are ready to get started restoring your mouth with dental implants in Oakland Garden, NY, schedule your free consultation with our team online or by calling us at (718)407-0574.