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What Do People Think About Wearing Invisalign?

It’s hard to spot Invisalign when someone’s wearing the invisible aligner trays. Though you can wear them comfortably with most people having no clue about it, you still have to wear invisible aligner at least 22 hours out of every day. So how does it feel? What do Invisalign wearers think about wearing their invisible aligner trays daily?

How It Feels

As something you’ll wear for all but a few hours each day, your Invisalign aligner trays will take a bit of getting used – especially during the first few days of treatment.

Because the aligner trays will be applying a constant, though gentle, pressure on your teeth, you’ll probably experience a bit of soreness for the first few days of each aligner set you get. Each set of aligner trays will push your teeth a touch more than the last pair.

Here’s how author Brittany Dixon, of a Healthy Slice of Life, recalls the first few days of her Invisalign treatment.

“After the third day, the pain subsided. Also on about the third day, I could tell my bite was already completely different,” she wrote back in March of 2016. “My overnight clenching pain was completely gone as well; I’m sure it was partially due to the fact the trays act as a mouthguard.”

How It Impacts Daily Life

Along with a little soreness, there are a few other things you’ll have to work into your daily routine with invisible aligners:

Removing your aligners – you’ll need to remove your aligners before drinking hot, cold or staining food or drink.

Cleaning your aligners – you’ll have to clean your aligners after eating or drinking anything other than pure, unflavored water.

Sleeping with your aligners in – for many people, this small lifestyle change also comes with the benefit of easing sleep issues such as teeth grinding at night.

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