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Portrait of frustrated young woman clenching teeth.

You Never Want to Clench Your Teeth!

It is very important that you never intentionally clench your teeth. It can cause a lot of harm to your teeth to do that, especially if you are doing it consciously. If you notice that now and again you are clenching your teeth subconsciously, then you need to make an appointment to come in and see us.

We will want to check your teeth to make sure there are not other signs of bruxism, which is what clenching your teeth is called.


If you only clench your teeth once a decade, chances are you will not really notice any problems that come from clenching your teeth. However, most people clench far more often than that.

When you find yourself clenching your teeth, they are being put under a lot of unnecessary strain. This can cause your teeth to become weaker, which can then cause the tooth to chip or even crack.

Some cracks are obvious, which can also be very painful. However, not all cracks are obvious at first. Some of them are hairline. This means that the crack only opens up under the right circumstances, such as when you bite down or chew something hard. This can then let in debris, which can then cause an infection inside your tooth and even lead to an abscess.

Clenching your teeth is never a good idea. It can cause a lot of problems with your oral health, plus it can also lead to a lot of pain. When you notice that you are clenching your teeth, you need to stop.

Then you need to call us so we can check the current state of your oral health. The sooner we can get in there to correct any problems, the less long-term impact the issues will have!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (718) 407-0574 today.

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